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Goodbye 2015! Finally....

To finish off the year Logan and I visited the Santa Fe Children's Museum. We loved it. It is smaller than Explora in Albuquerque, but about an hour closer to us so we will definitely be visiting it more often.

classic pin table

Use different pulley points to pull yourself up.

Create your own flier for the wind tunnel.

Indoor tunnel play structure.

Mirror tunnel

Special winter exhibit: Electric train table.

Garden music area

sand pendulum

theater area

Build your own ball ramp. 
Finishing off with the lego table.

Spent the last day outside for a bit.

Frik says goodbye to 2015 too.

Our next event was going to be Logan's birthday party so here he is making party decorations: paper plate seahorses.

Well I am finally done with 2015. With a kitchen remodel around the corner I am not sure I will be able to catch up at all, but perhaps now that some of the major decisions on our kitchen are done I will get back to this... Probably not though. Only time will tell.


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