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Finishing up May

I am trying to make sure I don't get more than two months behind on the blog, so here is the wrap up of our May photos. 

May was full of fun. Logan seemed to grow so much and we had a blast with family and friends.
Logan was learning to sit forward on his own.
Most of Logan's grandparents were on hand for a photo. Sadly missing Grandpa Johnson.

Took a quick trip up to Grandma & Grandpa Neel's mountain home.
Logan absolutely loved the wind chime.
We ventured out for a solar eclipse/birthday party.
Canyon seemed to have a great birthday.
I was able to give Indie some of my old Barbie stuff, which seemed to be a hit.
It got a little crazy on the roof during the eclipse.
 Logan spent some time getting to know himself. I'm not sure what to make of his expressions.

Hanging out with Grandma after she finished golf for the day.
Logan spent a lot of time on his stomach and on May 22nd he rolled from his back to his stomach for the first time!



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