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Our First Easter Together

Easter has always been a wonderful holiday for me. I grew up in the mountains where the air was cool in the spring time and the trees were always green. It made for the perfect location for an Easter gathering every year. I could never find any eggs, whether they were right in front of my face or not. I can't say that I loved that aspect of Easter, but I did love the live bunnies I got as a child. After all, what child wouldn't love waking up to a bunny hopping around the living room? I can't wait to give that gift to Logan some day. What I love the most about Easter is that it is time for family and friends. We all gather together, enjoy the nice mountain air and watch the current group of kids walking past the eggs that are right in front of them, although no kid has ever been as bad as I was at hunting eggs. Needless to say, this Easter was special since it was Logan's first Easter. Here are some moments I want to share with you.

Let's see how Dad and I are doing.

Uh... there are not enough eggs in that basket.
Ok Dad. Looks like everything will be alright now.

I like your style Grandpa Neel!

Look, a photo of me, Mom and Grandma! Mom is hardly ever in the photos.

A more recent photo of Logan has been requested since my blogs are so behind. So, this photo was taken on 6/18. Logan just got this new jumper toy and LOVES it!

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  1. We have the same jumperoo...Evan loved it until he became mobile. :) Wow Logan's maturing so quickly! Can't wait to hear more about all the stories between then and now! :)