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November Phone Chronicles

Some photos from when Grandma and Grandpa Wiens came to visit.

Another one of Frak and her way of learning how to quilt.

Yes there is grass under those needles. Our yard has an endless supply of needles and pinecones. Come by if you want some.

Our family had a loss in November. My parents' sweet kitty, Mandy, left us. The family toasted to her on the web. She is sorely missed. In fact, after Logan saw Aladdin, for the first time last week, one of his wishes was that she would be with us again. So once again... Here is to you Mandy. You left a mark on our hearts.

Logan and I made some pumpkin ravioli and roasted butternut squash. I didn't really like the ravioli. I think I didn't make the noodles thin enough. Plus it was a little bland.

The snow can be quite beautiful, but I definitely prefer Spring weather.

Although Logan has been talking about sledding this past week.

Time to start thinking about Christmas.

Almost every morning we used to sit in our kitchen next to the one heater in our house that would blow hot air. Sadly it broke this winter, but I hope we will get a new one someday.

Here was our advent calendar this year. I had a great time building it. Our Santa Minifig moved from day to day and every day a treat appeared on top of Santa's workshop.

I took the old outside benches that I built at our previous house and finally put them to good use in our storage room upstairs. I still need to build some shelves int here, but it is a nice place for some of our electronic storage.

For Thanksgiving I stayed home for a much needed break. Kyle took Logan down to Alamogordo to see the Wiens Clan. They visited the zoo and the New Mexico Museum of Space History. They also spent many hours playing games. I sure missed seeing everyone and game playing, but the parenting break was good for me.

Logan trying to decide if he wants to be a baby again.

While Kyle and Logan were gone I spent a lot of time with Frik and Frak. Only managed to get a good image of Frik though. I quilted and watch a lot of movies.

The boys returned and we prepped for Christmas some more.

In this photo Logan and I are shooting little rockets at each other through the submarine windows. Obviously because that is the way all submarine battles happen.

I'll leave you with one last thing. I was reviewing my Facebook posts to see if I missed anything. I thought I would share what I thought was the funniest thing I saw on Facebook that month.

An article from The Onion "

CIA Realizes It's Been Using Black Highlighters All These Years



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