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In my attempt to catch up, here is the quick post for November

We went to the zoo. I know, you're shocked.
Finally saw the wombats up and about.
Dad carried Logan around for better animal viewing.

 Grandpa Johnson came for a weekend of fun.
Logan isn't sure about Grandpa's choice in phones.
Our dear friends, the Sullivans, stopped by for a visit that same weekend

They are ready for the cold, cold weather.

Another chance to swing at the park, this time with Grandma.

We finished the month with a trip to Alamogordo for Thanksgiving. Logan didn't like the car ride down there, but had a great time once we arrived.
Couldn't help putting him in this little suit.
Since I had my hair done, I had Kyle take some photos. I think they turned out great so I had to share a few of them.

Logan loved his Thanksgiving dinner. He ate a ton (turkey, stuffing, olives, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, rolls, etc.). I'm so glad he isn't picky.

Watching our nephews toss a ball in the back yard.

Loved spending time with Aunt Deneen.

We had fun playing some rock band late into the evening with our nephews and their friends. I paid for it later when Logan kept me up the rest of the night.

The next day we ventured outside to watch the boys toss a frisbee around.

Look at how cute cousin Logan is.
Cousin Reece is adorable too.

Still learning how to use my lens. So sadly my depth of focus was a little off here.

Logan went up to Nate and gave him a kiss. Totally adorable.

The car ride home wasn't fun, but we did get to eat at El Sombrero in Socorro!


  1. For those of you paying close attention, you probably noticed my two major grammatical issues. That is what I get for posting late in the evening. Kyle was kind enough to laugh at them and then tell me about them so I could fix them. Hopefully everything is as it should be now.

  2. LOVE him in his little suit! :) So handsome!!