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Just a quick blog of photos from October.

Ok. This photo was from September, but I had to share the cakes and cookies I made for Tim and Dave. We just happened to be together after their birthdays. They (and Shelly) had graciously volunteered to help paint our fence in Los Alamos. It gave me a great opportunity to make something fun.

On to October, it was a very busy month for us.
Our visit to Wagner farms for some pumpkins and to get our 40lb bag of roasted green chiles. Took forever to peel them all, but for $24 and hot green chile all year long (we hope) it was worth it.

Little fun after the evening bath.

We went to the harvest festival at the Botanical Gardens.  They had great cider, but it was a little crowded for us. Although we were thrilled to run into the Allen family. Afterwards we decided to explore other parts of the park that we had not seen yet.
I had a great time playing with my new lens.
Little fella in the butterfly pavilion.
Not sure Logan noticed the butterflies, but he loved the plants.
Kyle and I loved the train area. Again, not sure if Logan noticed them, but I bet we will spend a lot of time here in the future.

Our friends Tammy and Chuck had a very quick visit. We had a great time seeing them if only for a short time.

My Uncle Weldon and Aunt Tassie came for a quick visit too.  It gave us a chance to have the Neel clan over to our house for lunch. 

Logan got to sit in the swings at the park for the first time. Although he really just seemed interested in watching some boys play basketball. I could barely get him to look at me.

Just a fun dinner photo:

So many toys and he always seems to want my camera strap.

For my birthday we hung out with Grandma and Grandpa Neel. Of course Logan had to check his schedule first.

Then he got in a little music time before we headed out.
First stop was breakfast.

Then off to Old Town for shopping and lunch. It was a great day to be out and about.
That was it for October (Other than Halloween, which was posted a while back).

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  1. He is such a nice combination of the two of you! In some pictures I see more of Kyle and others you. I also think it's nice you have so much family nearby to visit and spend time with him! That is one thing I don't like about being in Colorado (being far from family), but I guess I'll deal with it so that I don't have to live in the flatlands. :P