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December - Part 2

As I am sure it is with most families, our first Christmas together was wonderful. It was filled with laughter, toys, traditions and more toys.

Christmas Eve took place at our house with Grandma and Grandpa Neel.

Here Logan is showing you that he can indeed throw a ball. It is one of his favorite things to do. He likes to throw many things in fact, but we try to focus on the ball.

Our new family tradition is that each year, on Christmas Eve, Logan will receive a new pair of pajamas, a Christmas movie, and a book. Then we will spend the evening in comfort while we are entertained. This year I went ahead and made pajama bottoms for the family. Mom was the only one who found some in the store, so she didn't need my sewing skills.

I think this photo would have made a nice Christmas card if I had been organized enough.

Such a cute couple.

For years Grandpa Neel has read "Twas the Night before Christmas" to me and my nieces and nephew. This year the tradition included Logan. 

We added another specific book to be read every year. Grandpa Johnson will be reading "Frosty the Snowman" to Logan. Grandpa Johnson wasn't here this year, but his voice was on the recorded book.

Logan didn't sleep well that night (or pretty much any night back in December), but that didn't affect his morning. He awoke to find a ton of new toys, many left by Santa in Santa's sack.

 Logan loves the cannon on this ship!

 Finally something to toss the ball into.

He doesn't ride this much yet, but I think he will enjoy it eventually.

He actually enjoyed ripping the paper off of the packages, but he wasn't too good at pulling things out of bags. Notice the awesome Element blocks we got from the Neel clan in Seattle!

Of course, our furry girls got some fabulous gifts too, and all of their old toys spent a week in the catnip to bring extra joy on Christmas morning.

 Someone discovered a new best friend and was ready for his morning nap.

Frik was thrilled that Logan was napping so that she could get some lap time.

I got the best gift from Kyle!

I have to share this adorable note! I think Logan and Kyle will work great together on getting me gifts in the future.

After hours of playing with the toys, we got ready for our company to arrive. I should have taken more pictures because we actually had Uncle Ralph, Aunt Sally and Aunt Doreen in attendance. However, Aunt Sally is the only one I captured.

The weekend after Christmas I took Logan up to my old stomping grounds to stay the night with Grandma and Grandpa Neel. It was a way to give Kyle a much deserved day off. We had a wonderful time, and Logan even got a chance to experience snow for the first time. He loved it until he crawled on it and decided it was much too cold.

This is how one is required to dress at Grandma Neel's house.

To finish off 2012, we had a quick visit from Grandma and Grandpa Wiens on their way home from Colorado to Alamogordo. 
Our New Years Eve was spent in the quiet of our home. I would guess it will be that way for years to come, but we are fine with that.


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