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First Trip (September)

What does his look say to you?
Before I get into our trip, here are a few photos from the very beginning of September:

Grandma bought this costume for Logan. Sadly it wasn't going to fit by Halloween. However, that didn't stop us from putting it on him.

In preparation for the long flight to Hawaii, I made this toy that fits over the airplane tray-table.  Our hope was that it would make Logan a happy little traveler. I saw similar ideas online and figured I could make my own. On the left is a pocket that holds the kitty puppet and little ball. The three materials making up the pocket varied in texture. The three felt animals at the top were on velcro for him to pull on and off. This part of the toy was available when the tray was in the down position.

This is the opposite side of the toy that was available when the tray was in the up position. It had a pocket for a book, a peek-a-boo mirror, rings and multiple toys filled with varying material for texture and noise.

Here it is on the tray. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out, and it definitely helped distract Logan during the long flight.

Now onto the trip!

Our little family visited Kauai, HI for 7 days to celebrate our 15th anniversary. We had a wonderful time.  I will try not to post too many pictures.
Logan's first plane ride.
We were lucky to have three seats together on the 6 hour flight to Kauai. Since that extra seat was empty, we were allowed to bring his car seat on board.
Doesn't sleep at home, but slept great on the plane.
 Logan was a real trooper. He hardly fussed at all. Not even during take off or landing.

Kyle out enjoying the sunrise on our first day.
Logan was exploring our condo.
 Then he decided to venture outside.
 However, he wasn't too keen on the prickly grass.

Logan's first day at the beach, first sand, first dip in the ocean... what a day!

While Logan enjoyed the sand, he did not enjoy the ocean.  Once some salt water get into his mouth and nose, he was pretty much done with the ocean experience for the rest of the trip.

Sadly, I must get off to bed now, but I will try to post highlights of the rest of the trip soon.

Addition to original post:

I thought I would just paste my notes that I typed while in Hawaii here without editing them or anything. Just wanted to keep them somewhere.

Spent morning with Logan crawling around the condo and on the very dense grass outside, continually lifting his right leg. Kyle watched sun rise. Kyle went to the deep sand beach in front of condo. Drove to fruit stand and got smoothie, bananas, orange. Went to light house and saw baby birds, got our autographed turtle book by local artist/park ranger. Drove north by secret beach, by the Amani beach where we saw a turtle in the water. We stopped at beach across from dry cave. Logan discovered sand and got a mouthful of salt water. Julie took photos and looked for shells. Kyle played in the ocean. Then we headed to Kee beach where Julie got a coconut from man out of the back of his truck for $5. Drove to Hanalea for dinner at Hanalea Gourmet. Kyle had local fish and Julie had sea scallops. Dinner was fantastic.
Drove home. Geckos on patio light were neat as you could really make out all of their suction cups on their limbs. Flash lights in ocean 9:30-10ish. Not sure what they were looking for, but it was weird. Made me wonder if someone was poaching turtles. No boat lights or anything. Can't imagine normal people would snorkel at night.
Milk $4.50 bagels $7 gas $4.61

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  1. Wow...I didn't know you guys went to Hawaii with Logan! We'll be going to Hawaii with Evan for Thanksgiving...I'm very nervous about this long trip...now that Evan's a toddler that doesn't like to sit still. I love the tray toy idea...wish I had time (or skills!) to make one for Evan! Looking forward to hearing more about the rest of your trip!