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Our first guest!

The first weekend in October, Ralph, an old college friend, came to visit us for a day. We started our day by going to Walden Pond. We wandered through the woods wondering why no one else was there. There were other cars in the parking lot, but no people around the pond. We walked around the whole pond, taking in the fall colors and looking for animals. When we made it back to the parking lot we noticed the signs for Walden Pond pointed in the opposite direction. Apparently, we had visited Goose Pond. That explains why our little hike landed us in many back yards. Oops.
Walden Pond was much larger than Goose Pond. One of the information posters told us that at one time 20,000 people visited the Pond. Luckily, they restrict visitor numbers these days. There were people in wet suits enjoying the really cold water.
We walked around Walden Pond. The trail we followed wouldn't let us get off the path, which is probably a good thing considering our first pond excursion.


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