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Here comes Spring

The 19th of March was the first weekend with nice enough weather to venture outside. We started out Spring with two very different walks. Our first jaunt was through part of Minute Man Park:

The next day we walked from Davis Square through Harvard to the Charles River and back through MIT.

Google Map showing the transit line which pretty much was our walking path.

Davis square had a lot of restaurants and a movie theater. Looked like a great place to hang out. We walked through Harvard square too, but I didn't take any pictures till we got to the river.

The first thing we saw when we reached the river was a rowing team practicing. I didn't get my camera out in time to photograph them. It was a nice day to be on the water though.

Kyle had read about these odd buildings at MIT and we were lucky enough to find them.

Looking into the windows made us think they might be robotics labs.

Notice the Pantheon like dome in the background.

Just enjoying the odd architecture to the fullest.

We are so happy that Spring is finally here!


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