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Final Days out East and our trip back to NM

Here is my last post about our year out East. I will make it short so that I can get this blog up to current events.

We spent one day touring the Adams' homes. The best part about the tour was the Quincy library (building on the left in the photo below). The guide stated that Quincy read all of the books in the library, and then Kyle noticed some books on the shelves that were published after Quincy's death. Just goes to show you that you shouldn't believe everything you are told.

On our last night in Boston we went out to eat at my favorite restaurant, 75 Chestnut. Then we went to watch Shakespeare on the Commons. We were too tired to stay, but I love the idea that they hold free plays every summer here.

On the 29th of July we left MA for our trip home.

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We had one destination left, though  before we headed West: Niagara Falls. There we met up with Gustavo, an old friend from our days in Colorado.

Our second night was spent at Tryon Farm Guest House in Michigan City, Indiana. We really enjoyed our limited time here. We spent the morning walking around part of the land, and then were lucky to join the community of people who reside in this conservation area for a group breakfast.
Before leaving, I took Frak out for a little walk to visit the chickens. The chickens were certainly not afraid of Frak, but they certainly startled her.
On our way out of town we stopped by Lake Michigan just to say we had been there.
Our trip out West was amazingly hot. Tempuratures were in the 100s F some days. So, we pretty much took turns eating at establishments and keeping the car running so that the cats wouldn't get too hot in the car. Once again, the cats did really well traveling. Each morning they seemed to be in distress, but by the afternoon all was well.
Frik on her scratcher outside her carrier.
Just waiting for Kyle to finish his lunch.

The road we traveled took us through St. Louis too. Although we didn't stay here, we at least got a few great photos of the Arch.
We reached Julie's parents house on August 2nd. We ended up staying with them for almost a month as our furniture didn't arrive from MA until the end of August. We were so grateful to them for taking all 4.5 of us in.


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