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January sees our little man turn 2

As always, life and projects have carried the time away. I also spent a little over 2 weeks being sick with a cold in February, so once again I am a little behind.

We started the year by getting a new tricycle for Logan. He doesn't understand peddling yet, and when we are at the park, he is more interested in running. I figure it is only a matter of time before this little trike becomes his favorite toy, but for now it is just something fun to sit on occasionally.

Next up was the big #2 birthday. Logan helped me make his cake the day before. As you can probably tell, I hope to turn my little man into a baking/cooking lover.

For his birthday, Grandma and Grandpa Neel joined us for a morning trip to the zoo. On the way we did pick up a balloon for the birthday boy. It may have been his favorite thing all day.
I loved how the zoo put bird treats in the tree for Christmas.

Logan made a special friend.

Jasmine made an appearance.

These guys seemed to enjoy the cool weather
That afternoon we were joined by Kyle's dad, sister and our nephews. They just happened to be coming up for our nephew's orchestra performance at Popejoy Hall. They had been selected as the Honor Orchestra for the State Music Festival. They performed beautifully.
.... back to the birthday party. It was so much fun to be surrounded by family.

Kyle did miss part of the party, but he got there just in time for the cake, and we saved some presents to open with him.

This was one happy birthday boy enjoying his chocolate cake that he helped me bake.

Our next outing of the month was, wait for it, the zoo. Surprise, surprise. At least it was the next outing where I took photos. This time Kyle, Logan and I shared some nice family time together.


We sure do love our zoo. Well, that is a quick post to get us to mid-January. Hopefully I can get another post up this week.



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