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Another birthday finishes up January

I've been getting lots of books for Logan at the library. So far it has been wonderful. It gives us some new material to read, and he doesn't seem overly upset when we take books back. So far, I think it is safe to say that this was by far his favorite book. He still sings parts of it today. The whole book is sung to the melody of "The Wheels on the Bus", however each verse talks about how a different vehicle does something to build a house. For example: "The blade on the bulldozer pushes dirt, pushes dirt, pushes dirt. The blade on the bulldozer pushes dirt. Let's build a house.

To end the month, we celebrated my mom's birthday. My gift to her was a set of watches with switchable bands. In the photo below, she is showing off the beaded one that I made. Apparently, that is exactly what she wanted for her birthday, but she had not mentioned it to anyone. Lucky me.
My beautiful mother. Always dressed to impress.

Here are the other ones.
  We enjoyed lunch out at Papa Felipes and then back to our house for some cake.

I have been trying to do fun cakes for each birthday, but it is hard to come up with new ideas each year.  For my mom's birthday, I decided to do a scene from the Wizard of Oz, one of my her favorite movies. I scoured Pinterest to get ideas and finally came up with this design that is pretty much my own, but has hints of other cake designs I found. Lucky for me, my mom loved it.

I was not very diligent in keeping track of Logan's statements in January, but I did write down this gem: "I wish I had a brother." I assume this came from The Elf Show (i.e., Prep and Landing), which we watched throughout January. We have no desires to add another member to our family yet. Sorry Logan.


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