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February flew by

Easter is quickly approaching, and I am racing to get these photos out on the blog before the end of April. To be honest, I don't recall much of February. According to my calendar, we took our first tour of a preschool, I played volleyball, and I went to a sewing class. Obviously, much more happens in our lives than what I have in my calendar, but I don't recall much of what that "more" consisted of.  Writing this blog helps to remind me though.

One of my favorite morning activities with Logan is to build a train track on our floor. We have a train table, but we have enough track to create other new layouts whenever we want to. Logan and I build the track together, and recently he is interested in playing with it after it is complete.

At the end of January, Kyle took Logan to a place called Gravity Park. It is a very large building with pretty much wall-to-wall trampolines for the floor. There are actually 3 major trampoline rooms and two big foam pits. Let's just say it is a huge hit with Logan. (He's gone three more times since then.)   Well, after his first visit to Gravity Park, Logan decided we needed to convert our guest room into a miniature version.

Logan is even holding the Gravity Park wrist band.

Another favorite activity is just a simple outing to our neighborhood park. This was the 8th of February, and it was the first nice weather weekend. That called for some running around. The soccer ball always goes with us, but it doesn't always make it home. An interesting thing about Logan: he appears to be right handed, but he kicks consistently with his left leg.


Logan discovered some tree berries that he was completely fascinated with. He would pick them up, take them to dad, toss them. It was endless amounts of fun for him.

These were the Valentine's Day cards that we made this year. 

If my memory isn't failing me, this was the first time we played with "play dough". I made it myself, and Logan loved it. In fact, I remember being really surprised at how often and how long he wanted to play with it. 

For Valentine's Day, Grandma and Grandpa Neel gave Logan a golfing set. Their next few visits consisted of them trying to teach Logan the proper way to hold the club. 

We finished February with two visits to the zoo. I really need to vary our outings, but the zoo is such a great place to spend the day when the weather is nice. Another great thing about the zoo is that it's pretty close to Kyle's office, so he can meet us for lunch. It makes for a nice weekday afternoon.

This was the first time we had seen the polar bears in the water since Logan was born.

Zoo trip #2:

Apparently they put food in this container. The polar bear would take it up the slide and toss it down, hoping to get it open.

The other major activity for February was watching the Olympics. Kyle and I watched way more Olympic events than we have in the past, and Logan seemed to enjoy watching the skating. He loves music and dancing, so maybe that's why skating really appealed to him. Kyle particularly enjoyed the biathlon, and I loved the free style skiing.

Logan also saw a tiny section of the new Hobbit movie. It was in the beginning of the first movie where Bilbo is joining the Dwarf party. They are leaving the Shire on ponies, and the scene goes through many beautiful areas. Logan said "Wow" in a hushed tone the first time the camera pulled back to show the landscape. Logan was not allowed to see anything else in that movie (too scary), but I had to show him the ponies over and over again for at least a week.


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