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Let the cake decorating begin - March continues

In March my friend, Rebekah, asked me to help her make her daughter's Frozen birthday cake. We started out by scanning through Pinterest to get some ideas. Rebekah chose what she wanted to do, and the night before the party our families gathered at Rebekah's house. The guys and the kids played together, while Rebekah and I went to work. We had each baked part of the cakes the night before so all we had to do was the decorating. Rebekah did learn first-hand that you have to modify the cake recipes for high altitude. I had sent the directions to do the modification in a separate email, but they didn't make it into the cake baking process. My bad for not putting everything in one email. Let's just say that one of our cakes was a little on the flat side. Still super yummy though.

Here was our inspiration:

Here is our cake! I think it turned out fantastic. Rebekah did a great decorating job. I just showed her a few tricks along the way.
When I first saw what Rebekah wanted to do, I wasn't sure how we would do those trees. I emailed the original cake designer, but didn't get a response until after we had completed the cake. I thought play-doh would work. So I made us some play-doh and did some trial trees before we got together.

We made our trees for the cake.  Then the original cake designer emailed me. She told me that her trees were plastic. They had come from the kit of Frozen toys on her cake. I was so proud of our homemade trees.
My dear friend Rebekah.

I had such a great time doing this cake with Rebekah. Of course the best part was how much Aurelia loved her cake.

We had a great time at the party too.  It was fun to take part in a little girl's birthday party. I'm guessing Logan's parties won't have so many princesses in attendance.

A few random photos from March.

Here is Logan testing out all of the vehicles in the toy store.

He is helping me plant our seeds for our garden.

I thought we might have some fun if we put streamers up for the day. We spend so much time running around the house, I thought this might spice it up a little.



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