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Marching on

March brought us some visitors. The first lucky person to come visit us was my niece Dagny. It was her college spring break. Like we do with so many guests, we made her take a walk. We took her and Grandpa Keith to our neighborhood arroyo in search of some bunnies. It was also her first time to see Logan. I'm sure she was smitten.

Spring is here!

These three spent that night and the next morning playing canasta.

Our second visitor was my Dad, Grandpa Jay. He drove all the way from Phoenix to visit us. Since we already did the arroyo, we figured we better do our other favorite outings. Off to the aquarium and zoo! 

Look Grandma, a stingray.

Loves running in circles!

He really just loves to run.

It was Grandpa Jay's birthday while he was here so, of course, I had to come up with something. Pinterest to the rescue! He loves movies, so these cupcakes seemed perfect. The popcorn is made out of marshmallows.

Grandpa Jay tried to teach Logan to say "Primo" for yummy things, but Logan decided to rename Ice Cream to Primo instead.

Logan loved riding on Grandpa's walker. He took advantage of that every day too.

Kyle was able to take his lunch break at the zoo with us. Inevitably, when Logan and Kyle and are together, running ensues. This visit was no exception.

We finished up the zoo at the kid's play area.

Our visits were too short, but we were so glad Dagny and Grandpa Jay came to see us.

More of March to come.  Until then, here are some miscellaneous photos of down time at a park:



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