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Bring on the Bunny!

I'm horrified that I am so far behind on the blog. I was making such great progress and then I dropped the ball. Oh well. I quickly went through the Easter photos last night, so here they are. This was the first time to hold Easter at our home in Los Alamos. We were not sure anyone would want to travel so far, but it turned out that the whole family showed up. So glad everyone was willing to come up here. I hope it happens again.

We went to the local egg hunt by our town pond. They had it roped off in sections by age. A buzzer went off and it was a mad dash to get eggs. It overwhelmed Logan and he didn't get a single egg. Luckily they are prepared for that and people walk around giving kids eggs.

Then we got to get another egg from the Bunny himself.

Back at home it was time to dye our own eggs.

Decisions, decisions.

Dying eggs was not enough so we broke out the baking soda for some fun color explosions.

 Our hard work paid off and the Easter Bunny came to our house that night.

It's chocolate!
See Grandma!
Let me double check.

Look... The Easter Bunny was here!

Glad he left me some of his carrot.

 Then we cleaned up and prepped for the family to arrive.

The signs of modern times.

Some quality time with Uncle Tim.

Let the egg hunt begin!

The hunt was still going on, but Logan was content with his candy haul.

Couldn't have pulled it off without Mom, Keith and Uncle Lee there to help us clean and prep everything. See you all next year I hope.


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