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Celebrating Spring

April came to an end, but we had a few more wonderful experiences before it was over. We opened our home to some lovely little guys hoping they would show us some magic.

I never did seem them go from caterpillar to chrysalis, but they sure were cute butterflies in the end.

We had another Natural History class down in Albuquerque. I kept feeling that Logan was not really ready for the discussions held in class, but he sure loved spending time with his Albuquerque buddies. He also discovered that blue jello wasn't so bad after all.

Talking about weather, if I remember correctly.

Learning about different types of clouds. It was probably good Kyle wasn't here for this particular class. He may have had a suggestion or two, or twenty for the teachers afterwards.

Making sure those eggs are being properly taken care of.
That was it for April. Only 4.5 months to catch up on. One small step at a time I guess.


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