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Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, Kyle and I don't celebrate like most people. We prefer to stay home, away from the mad rush of people at every restaurant. This year I spent the day baking.

I made love potion cookies for Kyle to take into work. Sadly, my icing was a little too runny. Therefore, the cookies are not as clean looking as I would have liked, but they sure tasted good.

For Kyle I whipped up individual banana cakes with Nutella frosting (yummy!). This was my first cake test of my new airbrush that my dad gave me for Christmas. I had done testing on paper, but not on fondant. I still have a ton to learn as you can see from the photos.

On the first cake I tried a stencil method, but the air from the brush moved my stencil so it is messy looking.
For the other cake I decided to do a more artsy look. You can see that I embraced the paint splatters. I think I had my pressure up to high, but it ended up looking neat.
I will definitely have to practice with my airbrush some more. I think my next project will be to make some gum paste flowers and paint those.

For our romantic evening we played board games. It might not sound exciting for most people, but it suits us. A new friend of mine here at the base turned us on to two new games:

Carcassonne which is a great strategy game for two people. We have yet to play with more, but you can play with up to 5 people. It is a blast. We liked it so much, we had to have our own copy.

Babel is a card/strategy playing game for two people. We only played it a few times, but we could see how it could get really interesting.

One great thing about these games is that they are both produced by the Rio Grande Games Company in Placitas. I highly recommend you check them out.

However you spent your Valentine's Day, I hope you enjoyed it.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect V Day to me! If you haven't tried Settlers of Cataan, I recommend it. Fun strategy game that is different every time you play.