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Rewind back to March

We have moved into our new rental, are 90% unpacked, are over our 1st colds, and life is starting to get back to normal. So, it is time to try to catch back up on the blog. Here is a bunch of photos from March.

Logan had some new experiences during the month:
Logan learned to mop. I wish he would learn to wash his diapers.
First time to experiment with home made play-doh.

Enjoyed some time in the rain.

Music class was a ton of fun and it was always wonderful to see him do something new.

One of his favorite activities is reading! Mom and Dad love it when he picks out a different book.  

Grandpa Johnson came for a visit during Lobo season. It was too short of a visit, but Grandpa and Logan seemed to connect.
Grandpa Johnson took some great photos that weekend:
Here Logan is dancing to the music Scout (the green dog) plays.
Frak continually demands attention, but she is quick to leave if Logan runs up.
Like Grandma and Grandpa Neel, Logan loves hats.
So glad you came to see me Grandpa Johnson!

We spent a lot of time at the park either in the sand, swinging, watching dogs, playing with balls, or attempting to play basketball with the big kids.

Quick visit from Grandma Betty.

Kyle inflated our exercise ball as a surprise for Logan one morning. Imagine waking up to this when balls are your favorite toys.

Straight for the new addition.
Never to early to learn to dribble.
Here is Logan showing Dad that this is a BIG ball.
Now for the small ball sign.

In March Logan got his 3rd molar and signed "Mama" for the first time (but doesn't do it much since he can easily say Mama).

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  1. I love the ball surprise! What a fun thing for Logan to find! Evan loves balls too, and he loves our exercise ball, along with all the other types/sizes of balls he has! :)