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September swings by

I finally got the play fort put together. (Hereafter, it will be called "the play fort", not just "the swing set".)   I still have a little painting to do, and I need to fix a crack in the slide, but everything is fully operational.  It is a little too big for Logan, but he does seem to like it. Logan is still hesitant with the slide and swing, but he does love rolling balls and cars down the slide.

Early in September, I added a sandbox to the bottom of the fort. This was the best addition. He absolutely loves his sand box. Before buying the sand, I did some reading on various types and discovered that you shouldn't buy the "Play Sand" sold at the various hardware stores. It has all sorts of health warnings on the package. I found this natural sand at Home Depot and feel comfortable that he has a safe place to play.
Here is the sand before Logan got to it.

First time in the sandbox.

We spend hours making castles.

From our backyard:  view of the mountains and our tiny garden (which I didn't even plant until late August).

I have another non-Logan story to tell. I shop at Lowe's a lot. That in itself is not out of the ordinary for a woman, but I shop in the lumber and hardware department, and I guess that is somewhat unusual. It must seem unusual to the guys there because I am often approached from random men (not just the employees) asking me if I need help. Some will ask me what project I am working on. When I describe what I am building, I usually get "you must be handy" or "sounds like a lot of work". I often wonder what it would be like if a random guy went up to another guy at Lowe's and asked "Do you need help?" 



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