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Bring on the bunny

The Easter Bunny has come and gone once again. He left Logan some wonderful goodies and hopefully some great memories.

In anticipation of the big day, we completed some fun projects. First, I decided we really needed to recover our old patio chairs. They were starting to fall apart. So I bought some fabric, picked a tutorial off of Pinterest and started sewing. My not-so-fun project was to repaint our metal table and chairs (no photos). I'm glad that's done, but what a pain.

Then I made a little bunny banner -- also something I saw on Pinterest.

Logan took the same bunny image and did some art of his own.

Probably our best project was the bean bag toss.  Where do you think I got the idea for that?  If you guessed Pinterest, you'd be right.  I took two different ideas (pin 1 & pin 2)and combined them into one. I built the box and did some basic painting, but Kyle really brought it to life. He is such a wonderful artist. I wish he had more opportunities to use that talent. I bought some chick bean bags at an estate sale and then made some of my own bunnies. It has been a huge hit around the house and at our parties.

The night before Easter, Kyle's parents arrived. We spent that evening coloring eggs for the Easter Bunny.

That next morning, Logan discovered what the Easter Bunny left behind. Mom and Dad also gave him a special gift. It was his own copy of Cars, his favorite cartoon. After a preliminary basket review, the egg hunting began.

The Easter Bunny hid puzzle pieces in some eggs so that Logan could put together his puzzle as he found his eggs.

Grandma Betty was in charge of holding the eggs.

Next up was our family gathering. I think everyone had a good time. I think I captured everyone (although not very well) except Kiki, who was sadly missing, and Brandon.
Logan and Dad with Grandma Betty

Grandma Chris

Devon, Lana and Logan

Nikki and the kids

Stephanie and Kent

Uncle Ralph, Aunt Doreen, Aunt Sally, Grandma Betty and Grandpa Dewey

Dustin and Devon

Grandpa Keith

Sierra and Dehaven

Kyle, Grandma and Sharon

Aunt Sally getting into the hunt.

Dave and Shelly

Logan learning how to peel an egg.
 We had a wonderful Easter Sunday and were so glad to spend it with so many wonderful people.


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