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Finishing up March

We had some great moments at the end of March. Logan discovered he could use his play knife to fling his play doh around the living room. It brought on a lot of laughter and some carpet cleaning.

The last day of March brought a huge change for us. Logan started school! He goes two days a week for half days.  Overall, I think it has been great for him.  He has become more sociable and willing to share.  Plus, he is exposed to all kinds of other activities that we don't do at home.  He was super excited the first few weeks and would even wave goodbye to me. These are photos from the first day of school.

That day Logan also discovered his new favorite toy: those yellow push dump trucks. I have yet to see him without one in his hands when I pick him up from school.

Sadly, every day that I picked him up from school he would cry the second he saw me.  I think this crying was partially due to imminent nap time. Then one day Kyle and I picked Logan up together. Logan saw Kyle first, waved and said "Hi Dad!" Then he saw me and started crying. The teachers couldn't believe it. So, on the next school day they talked to him throughout the day, and at the end of the day he didn't cry when I showed up. Miss Cyndy, Miss Amy and Miss Vanna saved the day.

Lately, Logan is no longer excited to go to school and seems to be going through a separation anxiety phase when I drop him off. Maybe this is part of the weaning process that we are going through.  Regardless, he does always have fun at school. Here is some of his artwork so far:



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