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Family Ties

Mid July brought my Uncle Weldon to town for a special visit. Sadly Aunt Tassie couldn't make the trip, but we were thrilled to see Uncle Weldon. As we normally do when someone special comes to town, we gathered at Aunt Sally's house for some fabulous food and conversation.

Thanking Vergie for the Easter Basket she brought Logan.

Logan loves Aunt Sally.

Frik enjoying a rare moment downstairs. She spends most of her days under the bed.

Logan "hiding" with his new bubble treasure.
 This zoo trip was all about family. Our small family saw many other families throughout the day.

Thanks, but no thanks. Don't you see the two little ones I have with me?

Our next adventure was a trip to Idaho, but thanks to Pinterest I felt I must prepare extra distractions for our flights. Here is what I put together from various Pinterest pins.

Magna-doodle was a huge hit and still is.

Logan still loves this puzzle.

I think he liked breaking the crayons more that the whiteboard.

This became all about eating those fruity o's.

This was't much of a hit during the trip, but he is enjoying putting the sticks into the letter L these days.

Stickers were by far his favorite, but they lasted about 10 minutes.

These playdoh mats are pulled out every time we get out our playdoh. 

This is my attempt to keep Logan away from my camera. Works occasionally. Let's hope his photos are better than mine.


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