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It's a celebration! ... Sort of.

In May we started the weaning process by dropping various nursing sessions. By Logan's 2.5 birthday in July we finished our weaning process. The morning of our first day with no mama milk started out with lots of tears, but our celebration surprise for Logan helped those tears disappear, at least for the day. The night before, Kyle and I prepped the main floor of our house.

You can probably guess, Logan loves balloons. Well the next morning Logan was super upset to find that I was not in bed, and mama milk was not available. We had been talking to him about it for months. We told him a day would come when mama would not make any more milk and that on that day he was a big boy. Words are just not enough to stop those tears when something precious is gone. It was hard for me too, but Logan was distraught. He came down the stairs sobbing. However the balloons did their magic.

Of course the balloons were just the first part of our celebration. Next we took him to our local amusement park, Cliff's. We couldn't find his hat that morning, and there were no more in the store, so Logan had to wear my enormous hat all day. Cliff's was indeed a hit for Logan. He loved the rides, especially the swings. We also had special treats all day long. Who could ask for more.

We spent the last part of our Cliff's adventure at the water area.

Logan did great until he went down a bigger slide with Dad. The water splashed his face and that was it for the day. He was so upset. I'm sure he was tired too.

As we put him in the car we figured he needed a nap. He never transfers well from the car to his bed, and it was really hot for him to nap in the car, so we opted for the mall. We figured we could stroll him around and perhaps he would fall asleep. Of course that did not happen. The mall was too interesting so it became the 3rd part of our celebration. It too had rides for Logan to enjoy.

This is the only semi-good photo from my phone, but I can assure you that he rode many of the available rides.
Even today Logan will sadly say that he wishes he were small again so that he could have mama milk. It was a hard transition for both of us and there are times I wish we could go back and enjoy those precious moments together. I am so glad we did 2.5 years though. I know it was the best gift I could give him.

The next day we met up with a few families that we invited from my "Parents Meet up Group" to come have a frisbee playdate for all the dads.  The kids could come too, but the goal was to get the dads together for some fun. We went to the park near our house. The same park that Logan and I had just reviewed. It has a fantastic view of the city on one side and another equally wonderful view of the Sandia Mountains on the other side. Sadly I only took a few photos at the beginning of the party before I got lost in the fun, so I am missing photos of many families who showed up.

I did make some dessert and while the cake was good, the red frosting gave it a slightly odd flavor. Boy were they pretty though.

Logan had a wonderful time playing with the kids, but he loves throwing the frisbee. When the dads were done with their game, the little ones joined in.

Our party ended with a spectacular storm/sunset over the city for our viewing pleasure.

I wish I had more time to set up another gathering like that, but with the move coming up in November I am just out of time. I am so glad we had a chance to at least have 1 party though.

That covers July 11th and 12th!


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