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Explosion of fun

Once again, a quick disclaimer that my editor is on a leave of absence. Commas may be amiss and you may see a run-on here and there, or all over the place. Oh, most likely you will see some incomplete sentences too.

I'll just do the first week of July in this post since I have a lot of photos to share for that week. Apparently it was fun. So glad I have photos to remind me.

Logan and I started out the month by going to Explora. This particular visit was a long one and we did way more things than we normally do. Below is a photo (or three) of each activity just to show all the different things we did.

Love those air tables!

Bring on the water current table.

Checking out the toddler room. This is a scoop up the ball out of the snow contraption.

Spin each panel to build an image of a person.

Boxes with clear, colored panels on the back to combine to make new colors.

Help the balls roll down each level to the bottom exit.

Funny to play with trains here when we doesn't play with the ones we have at home.

These are pvc pipes that can be connected with various holes in the floor and misc. pvc connectors.

Listening to a description of frequency, if I am not mistaken.

Figuring out how to connect and turn gears.

I think we stayed home for the 4th of July. My parents came and perhaps we saw a movie, but I don't recall. The big activity of the day was getting dressed for the occasion. To accomplish this enormous task, out came the paints.

 Then we had to model our new attire. Kyle obviously felt fabulous in his shirt.

Next up to celebrate our nation's birthday... the classic root-beer float! This was Logan's first float and I think you can tell by the size of that bite that he enjoyed it.

To finish out the first week of July we spent some time with kitchen supplies. Logan is watching vinegar react with baking soda. He loved this! He just kept going and going until the whole dish was a soupy mess of brown.

To finish the afternoon, Logan helped me make soft pretzels. The recipe came from my friend's blog, The Cooking Chronicals - A Kitchen Diary. Let me just say that Michael is a fantastic chef! If you are looking for recipes to try, go check his blog out. I so miss our Sunday dinners at his house. Needless to say, these pretzels were awesome! Took a bit of work, but oh so good. I made a spicy cheese sauce from Pinterest for them too. What a great way to finish out the first week of July.

I do recall showing Logan some of the movie 1776. He loves to watch singing and dancing and he did enjoy some of it, but it had far too little music for him.


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