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Finishing up June

Let me start out by saying that my local editor, Kyle, is not available for a while. So, please be prepared for typos, misplaced commas, and incorrect word usage. It's just part of my charm. Hopefully you can get past the grammatical mess to get to the heart of the post, which are obviously my photos. :)

The weekend of June 20th saw some of the Wiens clan come up from Alamogordo for a visit. Kyle's sister, Deneen, came up with our nephew Nathan. Deneen brought and our niece-in-law, Cynthia, along with her two boys, Reece and Logan. We hung out at the house until Kyle got off work and then headed to the zoo for a Friday night concert. Of course we didn't listen to the music, but managed to see most of the zoo!

Enjoying his first Dippin Dots.

The zoo has been full of baby peacocks/peahens this year.

I think you can call the evening a success when everyone walks out hand in hand.

The next morning we headed over to Gravity Park. This place is meant for boys with lots of energy. After an hour of jumping around I think everyone was beat. This was the first time I was able to take my camera since Kyle was going to be with us. I had so much fun trying to capture the chaos. I took almost 200 photos. Of course a ton of them were bad, but that's ok.

Kyle even took a few photos for me!

To be honest I don't recall the rest of the day. I think we hung out for a little bit before our Alamogordo family headed home.

Here are some photos of our in-house apple picking. I left an extra velcro dot on the tree so I could add a bird in the future. Can you guess how often Logan says "We're missing an apple." I may have to take that velcro off. Since we are moving in November, I took the table fort down. I suppose now is my chance. I either need to sew a bird or take away that velcro. Not too sure where we will put the fort in the new house. I hope I can incorporate it into his play room. Yes, our lucky little man is going to have a play room. He's not spoiled... nope, definitely not spoiled.

Here is an afternoon activity that I saw on Pinterest. It's salad spinner painting. He really enjoyed it, but our salad spinner is a little difficult to get spinning at high speeds so I had to help a little.

Our masterpieces!
I spent the last week of June sick. I was sick for a full 16 days. I even missed seeing my dear friends Aunt Jenny and Don as they came through town for a rare visit. However, I was lucky that they made plans to come back for Balloon Fiesta!

Here are some priceless moments from June:

6/3 - Logan says: "Come over here Grandpa. It will be fun." After Grandpa didn't respond Logan pointed to the room and said "Look at my finger. See where I'm pointing!"

6/13 - At the zoo concert Logan found a little girl in a pink dress to run around with. They were having so much fun, but as we were leaving the animals and approaching the concert it was time to leave her and her dad. Logan was so distraught. He couldn't stop talking about how he wanted to play with the girl in the pink dress. Eventually I told him we could go look for her. At one point I mentioned that she might have gone home and Logan broke down in tears. I know... way to go mom!

In June Logan started wanting to "hide" under the couch pillows. He typically wants you to hide with him. It isn't the most exciting game for us adults, but he sure does love it.

He also started saying "You forgot one thing." Usually that came up when it was time to go to bed, leave the house, or anytime we needed to do something he didn't want to do. He would just say "Dad, you forgot one thing!" Holding up his finger. It would usually be followed up with "you need to throw the ball with me" or some similar play activity.

I'm afraid that is all I can recall at this point. Since I am on day 13 of a wonderful fall cold I know you will forgive me if I missed something. At least I got a blog post done. One small step in the right direction.


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