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Splish Splash

In June we tried to do swimming lessons for Logan. Once again he hated them and was sick for part of them. That is two years in a row that the pool was a huge flop for us. However, I finally found a pool that was just Logan's style. Logan and I headed to Toys-R-Us and brought home this gem. It was perfect under the tree for those hot summer days. We added our little slide to the pool and it was a little oasis!

Frak got to relax while we played in the pool.

We also brought home a helmet from Toys-R-Us and it was one that Logan would finally wear! That meant we could finally test the balance bike we borrowed. He was interested in it at first, but it didn't last.

So the next morning saw his tricycle out for a short spin.

We put away the tricycle and headed to the zoo once more. This time we managed to find a few new things to do. It had rained the night before so Logan enjoyed running through the puddles. Even though the zoo was pretty empty, as it was early, I managed to get looks of laughter and frustration from other zoo goers. Logan was very good about only running through when no one else was near him. So he was the only one to get wet. Unfortunately I didn't think to bring extra clothes so he had to wait for his shorts and shoes to dry out while we wandered around.

We saw some baby flamingoes that had been brought out by the zoo keepers for a special walk around the grass.

Our polar bear was playing ball!

We went to the bird show for the first time too. Logan was slightly interested in the show, but loved the bird who accepted donations at the end of the show.

Logan's view

After the zoo we headed home for a much needed pool break.

After we dried off we had an outing to a nearby park to check it out for our upcoming frisbee gathering. The park had fabulous views, covered tables, covered basketball, interesting playground equipment and was close to our house. Needless to say it got a thumbs up.

I'm pretty sure we were exhausted by the end of the day.

That covers July 9th and 10th!


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