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Let it snow - December continued

We saw more snow mid-December. Logan and I tried out his toddler toboggan, but it wasn't much of a hit. Instead we spent our time chasing each other, throwing snowballs at the neighborhood kids' giant snowman and making our own tiny snowman.

That is our house in the background.

They might be planning a house attack.

Here is our tiny snowman.

I spent some time trying to get a few homemade gifts done. Every year we trade home made gifts with our Seattle family. It has become one of my favorite traditions. I am always so excited to see what they made. I'm pretty proud of the gifts I made this year, including the Dr. Who quilt.
For my niece, Rowan, who loves Teen Titan.

For my Halloween loving niece, Brontë.

Kyle turned 40 this year and I threw him a little party. His parents and many friends came up for the celebration. We ate a lot, played in the park, played cards and ate some more.
This is Logan's Christmas gift. A super soft blanket and jacket.
I attempted a Jawa cake, but it fell below my expectations. Still tasted good though.

Kyle attempted to blow out 40 candles. Unlucky for him, they kept relighting.

After all of the chaos was over it was time for a nice bath followed by sitting in front of the heater in our kitchen. We sat there a lot this past winter.



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