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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

December showed up and we did our best to celebrate the season. Moving boxes were still all over the house. After all we had only been in the house for 10 days. Regardless I walked right passed them and I grabbed my holiday boxes and decorated the house. As always, Logan and Kyle joined in here and there.

On December 7th my mom and step-dad came up for a visit. This was Keith's first visit to our new home. Having them here also gave us a great reason to go get our first Christmas tree. I had been really wanting to get one the second December showed up on the calendar, but I am glad I got to get it with these two in tow.

I will say that there are not many great spots in this house for a tree. Since we were not using our wood stove this year we plopped it next to that, but I have no idea where it will go in the future.  It was really nice to see it from my kitchen every day though.

Logan definitely enjoyed putting ornaments on the tree this year. 

I had to play with this photo a little.
That big white ornament is his ultrasound image.

Breaking out new games with our Christmas pom-poms. The tube didn't work all that well though.

Just blowing it produced much better results.

Next up was a "decorate the tree" pom-pom activity. As always, these games never go as I imagine they will. In the end his favorite activity was to throw the straws with the pom-poms on them. 

We made our own Santa too.

Then the unpacking continued. Logan had his own way of unpacking.

Love relaxing by our tree.

Look... snow!
 Just some free time to play.

Once again we brought out 24 books for Christmas. Sadly I don't think we made it through all of them this year, but we did our best.

That brings us up through December 16th.


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