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What else did October bring

Obviously we went to the zoo again. What else would you do in perfect October weather? Grandma and Grandpa Neel went with us.

We saw the baby flamingo trying to blend in with the other flamingos.

Logan caught someone's eye.

Grandpa showed Logan a zoo store. Imagine how hard it was to leave without that Alligator.

Logan had to choose his own path.

Grandpa had to talk Logan down.

The zebras had no idea they were being watched.

A little boy ran around a tree. Then he ran around it again and again and again.
Then the jumping off the tree platform began.

Followed by adorable land and roll maneuvers.

To finish the afternoon some basic rolling was in order.

I wanted to show off Logan's school fair project. So here it is.
We went to another pumpkin patch, Wagner Farms. I think we hit all but one in the area.

Who can resist poking a bunny.

The bunny had something to say about the poking.

He wouldn't try the slides last year.

This year he discovered that they were super slow.

Now we are having to explain why we don't throw rocks up the slides. I'm not sure he buys our logic.

This farm has the prettiest views of them all.

Logan was carefully maneuvering through the rough terrain.

Then he led us through the maze.

He made his plan.

Stored the map in a safe place.

Led us around and around and around.
Probably just one more post of October. Then I will only be a little over 3 months behind. Seems to never get down to zero months.


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