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See you later October

The end of October turned out to be pretty hectic.

On the 27th, we had a trip to the pediatric urgent care. Logan was running at school when he tripped and bit through his lip. I rushed over and took him in for what would be a horrible experience. They numbed his lip, but I sure wish they would have given him some form of a sedative. He screamed and I cried while we held him down for his stitches. They only ended up doing 2 inside and 2 outside, but it was one of the worst experiences of my life. He would scream at me not to let them do it and it just broke my heart. He has managed to heal ok. He has some scar tissue in the lip that gives him a bulge when he smiles and he will have a little scare under the lip. I however don't think I will ever fully recover.

This is what the healing process looked like on November 3rd.

Our next event was my 38th birthday. My mom, step-dad, Logan and I enjoyed some cheesecake, listened to the bunny (in the photo below) play the Happy Birthday music, opened some wonderful gifts, and I don't even remember what else. I'm sure we did something fun and wonderful, but I think I was still pretty traumatized.

Next up was Logan's first Halloween party. I went in full costume and ran the craft table. Logan seemed to enjoy all of the activities.
Here is Logan with his good friend Ezra.

Circle time to collect their decorated bags and listed to the rules of the party.

My friend Abbie and her little one Owen. So adorable. I sure wish I would have met them earlier.
Abbie's son, Gavin, is showing everyone how to bob for donuts.

Logan decided to show Miss Vanna that he could just grab his donut.

He sure did like that donut, but as always he offered to share with me.

He had a hard time waiting his turn to play ghost bowling.

Ezra and I had a nice time making a mummy out of a lollypop.

Miss Cyndy was making sure everything was in order. So sad I didn't get a photo of Miss Amy.

Pretty sure little Buzz had a great time.
Back at the house it was time to get down to business. I had a costume to finish! I made Kyle's spurs, vest, and fixed the hat up a bit.

My costume was already done since I wanted to wear it to Logan's party. I made my jeans, shirt and wig. For those that don't recognize us, we are Woody, Buzz and Jessie from Toy Story 2. Kyle went into work super early so that he could drive down early to do trick-or-treating with us.

Then off we went to ring bells around the neighborhood.

That finishes up October. Well, it kind of finishes up October.  I managed to forget to post my phone pictures throughout the month. Some days I just don't have my large camera with me. So, without further delay:
Dad and Frik bonding over some shut-eye.

Logan showing us a new way to ride in the car.

Enjoying some plah dough time.
On October 9th I went out with some other moms to a painting class at Kelly Jo Designs by Wine. It was my first attempt at painting on canvas. I had a fantastic time. I even managed to get Kyle to go with me for a date night in November.

Thanks Yadéeh for organizing this!

On the 13th Kyle and I managed to sneak in a hike while Logan was at school. If I recall correctly I ended up not feeling well about half way through the hike, but it was wonderful to be with Kyle on such a beautiful day.

I am sad that I didn't take more photos of Logan at school. He loved his old school! He misses his teachers and friends dearly. After all, they were his first teachers and his first friends. They were a very important and special part of his life.  Thank you Miss Cyndy, Miss Vanna and Miss Amy for the laughter, cuddling and special care you gave to our son!

Here we are again at the park so close to our house. It sure was nice to have.

Now I am done with October. YAY!


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