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January was warm, January was cold... NM weather for sure.

Apparently we were very busy for the second half of January. Logan had a fever. So of course we spent lots of time snuggling on the couch.

Luckily the fever only lasted a day so we were back to having fun in no time.

Not the season for jack-o-lanterns, but why should that stop us.

A new dinner game was discovered. Who can blow the wine corks the farthest? Not sure why it didn't end with: Who can pick up the corks the fastest?

Another wonderful past time is practicing cutting up paper.

Nothing our vacuum can't clean up.

Continuing our space theme, Logan painted the moon and stars.
Logan's birthday party was delayed, but it gave me time to finish all the decorations. We handed out mushroom bags filled with a Yoshi egg (full of play dough), a play dough mat, gold chocolate coins and a hat or crown for our young party goers. Sadly we didn't see them till March thanks to bad weather, schedules and illnesses. I really can't take credit for anything below. I found all of the ideas on Pinterest and just made them.
party bags and gold coin boxes

Play dough mat. I did make up this mat design though.

Super Mario hat. For those not familiar, he is a video game character.

Princess Peach crown

Party Banner

 I believe below is a photo of Logan who was a little too tired to watch Dad play Mario.

One weekend we ended up at the zoo. We managed to meet up with Logan's friend, Carsten for the day. The boys were super excited to see each other. Notice how he isn't even wearing a jacket in mid-January.

We must have stayed the night with Grandma and Grandpa Neel because the next day Logan and I were at Gravity park.

Then we headed home just in time for the next snow storm. A chance to finish up January with some sledding. Well, Dad did most of the sledding.

It is great to have so many windows overlooking our back yard and the park.


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