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March of the Dinosaurs

March brought more snow, but it also saw us try another theme: Dinosaurs!

Let's start with the snow. Yes, that is Logan sitting on a stool out in the park. I think he wanted it to stand on it so he could make his snowman taller, but I loved that he was sitting on it. I wouldn't want to sit in the snow either.

Logan couldn't decide if he should eat the carrot or give it to the snowman.

Reviewing their work of art.

So I did pretty well with Fairy Tales and I feel like Dinosaurs went well too, but his heart was still on fairy tales. We did give it our best shot though. We did a sensory table, got books from the library, and we built a big volcano and some small volcanoes. We dug for fossils, cracked open dinosaur eggs, and put together our own dinosaur skeleton. We also watched the PBS show called Dinosaur Train. It was a great addition to our theme.

To start with I set up the sensory table. He loved tossing the rocks in the water, but wasn't into pretending to be dinosaurs yet.
Used our Safari Toob of Dinosaurs for our sensory table.

I baked two types of dinosaur eggs: dissolving and cracking.

First attempt was the dissolving egg (recipe here).

Hmm... this isn't working as fast as I thought it would.

Now I see how to do it!

One dinosaur hatched! Let's do another!

The second egg took considerably less time.

2nd dinosaur hatched. How about another?

I guess we can stop at 3 eggs.

Now to put together our own dinosaur skeleton. I was impressed at how long Logan was interested in this. As always, I got the dinosaur skeleton printout on Pinterest.

I will admit that this was a failure. I thought he would love a secret hiding spot under the volcano, but he didn't really like the volcano at all. So glad I didn't get rid of the castle. We are still using that.

Here are our small volcanoes. We tried two recipes. The one closest to Kyle was a mixture of vinegar, baking soda and dish soap that I had seen on Pinterest. It was not nearly as cool as just using baking soda and vinegar.
Making our volcanoes.

Talking about volcanoes.

Eruption time.

Next up was the cracking eggs (recipe here)! Again, he LOVED the eggs. Wish I had made more.

I'm pretty sure this is the proper method, and facial expression, for opening dinosaur eggs, used by all paleontologists.

Can you tell that Logan doesn't like to get his hands dirty. I love how he is delicately holding the dinosaur covered in dirt.

Stay tuned for more dinosaur activities to come.


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