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Living in a fairy tale

In an attempt to finish February tonight, and still get to bed at a decent time, I will fly through these photos.

A constant hair style, after Logan has been hiding under the couch cushions.

 Here the boys are cutting into my Bowser cake attempt #1.

Enjoying family shadow time.

Logan giving me a push on the merry go round.

Fairy tale theme continued with a Lego castle, complete with cannon launcher.

Defending our castle from that mean looking dragon.

I think we were cleaning out Moon Sand from our Space theme.

Regardless he was a good helper.

Yes, even I take him to Burger King, although not very often.

 Here we are doing our F is for Frog craft. I just loved these photos so there are a few.

I am horrible about wiping his face after eating. Oops.

Here is another fun event at his old school. They had a science fair afternoon. Although I would say that it was too much to take in in too short a time period. However, we did have fun.
Mixing colors

Mixing colors in a different way.

I moved this stool and Frik and Frak instantly decided they loved the new location. 
I see you kitty.

I see you bird.

Built our own little catapult.
 Here were our Fairy Tale theme books for the month.
Thumbs up!

More thumbs up!

So so

Absolutely not for our little man. Too scary.
Goodbye Fairy Tale theme. You were awesome!


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