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Adios September

Wrapping up September in hopes of catching up by Christmas. So here are a bunch of photos from the rest of the month.

I got Logan his balance bike at the end of July. It took a long time before he was really ready to give it a shot. He just didn't want to give up his tricycle yet. Then he saw that his friends were riding bikes and not tricycles so he gave it a whirl. He has been in love ever since. By the end of September he was really good at it.

Here he is at a bike riding play date.

I had this fabric forever. Frik, Frak and I finally found time to make my dad a blanket.

Soccer continued. I managed to take pictures of the first game, but realized that I needed to be more involved for rest of the games.

Occasionally we break out the train tracks and build something big.

Here is a project that Logan helped me build.  It is our animal sanctuary. We used to have his animals on a chain hanging from the ceiling, but this new area really has increased his desire to play with his animals.

We had a fabulous gathering of college buddies. Our goal was to peel green chile, but we didn't manage to get much of that done. Instead we celebrated two birthdays, played Frisbee, basketball, video games, board games (Cards Against Humanity, not for everyone and better with a drink) and glow Frisbee.  We had a blast and I hope it happens again soon.

birthday boys

The next generation enjoying Mario Kart
After everyone left I peeled the chile and Kyle chopped it up and prepped it for the freezer. We should be set for a while.

Our ocean theme continued with us building a submarine and a kelp forest.

Soccer games continued, but the play time afterwards continued to be our favorite part.

Those smiles are outlined in cake frosting!
On the night of the eclipse, Grandmas was visiting, Kyle was at a concert in Albuquerque and Branden and one of her boys came over to hang out. We had a fantastic view from the back porch.

Bike riding continued.

We made submarine modifications. 

Here is our port view from inside the submarine.

Halloween is around the corner so why not make a cotton ball ghost.

Another bike riding play date with his best friend, Jonathan.

A big fall gave him a swollen cheek, but he got back up and rode on.

Here is some video that Kyle took of Logan's bike progress.

Finally a mom and her two little ones visited Logan's school.



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