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"P" is for Pumpkin Patch

I just love October. It has the best weather of the year. Everything is made with pumpkin. Even the trees put on a show. Definitely my favorite month.

Having said that, I am sad that I am just now posting about October. Life sure is super busy. So as always, here are a bunch of photos from the first 1/4 of October. I hope they can add depth to the little text I will write.

Every October I like to venture to the pumpkin patches near me. This was the first October that saw us up in Los Alamos so we had to venture down south for the patches. The first planned patch was supposed to be the McCall Pumpkin Patch near Moriarty. Logan and I drove down to stay with Grandma Chris and Grandpa Keith the night before. In the morning we (including Grandma and Uncle Lee) drove out to the patch. However when we got there it was raining so we turned around and headed towards Albuquerque and drove to Corrales for Wagner Farms (the prettiest of the patches). Luckily we hit the weather perfectly. Had just enough time to do the patch and head for lunch before it started to rain. 

Enjoying some time at Grandpa Keith's house.

Looking for the flags planted throughout the corn maze.

Leading the way.

Now to choose a pumpkin.

This was the first year they had an area to do crafts.

We decided to stay another night down South so that the silliness could continue.

Here are just a few shots of daily life in Los Alamos.
Kyle is passing the torch at the local pizza place.

Logan has decided he can do what some of his friends like to do.

It is October so time to get out the decorations. Logan LOVED this. It seemed like Christmas opening all of my Halloween bins and getting everything out. He wasn't so good at helping me put everything around the house though. The place was a wreck after we went through all the bins.

Well, he did decorate Frak.

She didn't seem to mind much though.

We also had to do some crafts.

This is where to be when the weather is this good. Couldn't ask for a better back yard.

This year we attempted to glitter up some pumpkins since he saw some in the stores.

We also visited our local patch that was a fundraiser for the high school choir.

There you go. 1/4 of October done. 


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