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Fall Delight

For Columbus Day we ventured back to McCall's Pumpkin Patch, and this time the weather cooperated. Again the bounce pads were a huge hit and he loved some of the slides that he wouldn't go on last year. It did take him some time to warm up to jumping on the bounce pad, but once he got going he didn't stop until...

... He and another boy bounced right into each other. The other boy was bigger and hit Logan in the head with his knee. It was time to stop, and the medical crew checked Logan out just to make sure he didn't have a concussion.

All was good, so off we went to see what other activities we could enjoy. This slide he did over and over and over again.

Still a bit too short for these, but next year he will be able to ride them easily.

Managed to catch the pumpkin launcher.

This was new for us. Not sure if they were there in previous years. Kyle had to keep trying to figure out the best spot to hit it and why. 

I love feeding the animals and I get the feeling they love it too.

We have a bean bag toss at home, but you always love what isn't yours. We played with these for a long time.

Who doesn't love duck races? Especially when they give you candy just for playing.

They have many sand boxes to play in too. We were the only ones in this huge one with the digger.

Finally off to the pumpkin patch.

Making him earn that pumpkin.

This little boy was just a little happy when we stopped on the way home and grabbed an ice cream. Mom was slightly upset since she lost her sun glasses at the patch. Oh well, at least we had a really good time.

Back to work on the house. Time to paint Logan's room.

Then there was an elementary carnival. It wasn't as good as the previous school carnival we went too in the spring. Just way too crowded. Kyle and Logan couldn't handle it (it was almost too crowded for me too) so we went out side and found some friends. We spent a long time outside playing. Kyle then decided to walk home and I took Logan back in to give the carnival one more shot.

Here is fall creeping into the leaves. Lucky to have such beautiful trees around us.



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