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April Travels

April started out with Kyle taking Logan down to Alb so I could have a day off. They went to Explora and the aquarium restaurant.

Dad and Logan had a great time in the park making a clock and going over the cardinal directions.

These were some books we did in April. I love these dinosaur books.

This is a book about a dragon would can't read a book without catching it on fire so he has to find a friend to read to him. Adorable.

Some of the boys at school turned the climbing area into a fort.

Our big trip for the month was to Phoenix to see Grandpa Jay and the rest of the Johnson clan. Had a great time with lots of laughs, games, food and swimming.

Awesome park in Flagstaff.

Spent one day at the Phoenix Zoo.

Logan was a hit on our way out of the zoo. It was a festival day, music was playing and he put on a show as you can see below.

Logan meets my dad's dog, Freeway.

Back to the Flagstaff park on our way home. Then we realized it has two huge sections. This park is amazing.

Just another beautiful night at home.

These two can be so sweet to each other at times.

Late snow.

Finished out the month participating in the "Dog Jog" where we walked a shelter dog named Harley.



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