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Hello March 2016

Ok. Here is half of March. Ready set go...

Had his buddy Max over for a playdate. They had a great time.

They love the bubble maker.

I fixed my broken iPad screen. Just had to share since it felt like an accomplishment.

We went to a birthday party in the park for a little girl, Sage

Had swimming lessons.

Went to the zoo. Apparently I was doing a photo shoot of Logan.

Yay the capybaras are back!

This guy has a stuffed animal.

He was sad since he had just tossed up his round toy and it got stuck on the ledge.

Since we never did our gingerbread house in December we had a spring time decorating party with our neighbors.



School plate for St. Patties Day

Erik enjoying some kid free time.

Kyle went to Alamogordo to see his mom, who was not feeling well, so Logan and I took the bus to school and swimming lessons while he was gone. I know my mom was visiting us during this time too.

Logan really got into swimming thanks to his instructor, Jesus. 

Frak looks so happy.
Or perhaps she is happier here.

We have been so lucky to live somewhat near most of our close college buddies over the years. This weekend in March, many of them came to visit us for the weekend.

Yes I took this heavy stroller on this crazy hike. I just knew I would need it to get Logan home. Sure enough he walked all the way up the mountain, but needed a lift down.



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