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Oceanside, CA - Zoo Wildlife Park

We loved our day at the Wildlife park. The weather was perfect and it was just what we needed after a crowded Disneyland.

These three cubs were super adorable.

We saved a little guy who had found his way to the sidewalk.

bats are so adorable.

Seems like this would be a fun place to have a sleep over.

The baby rhino was running around.

Logan's hand is the size of the lion paw print.

Getting on the train to ride around the open area.

This place even had a playground, perfect for a little man who is tired of walking around looking at animals.

Oh we love ring tail lemurs.

While Logan and dad stayed at the playground I went to play with some birds.

Then I went to watch the bird show. It was a great show. This parrot did his own Mission Impossible routine.

This funny guy was the comedy relief at the bird show.

We were lucky enough to watch the cheetah run. This dog apparently helps to keep the cheetah comfortable so the dog does an initial run.

 Cheetah's name is Samara and she did two beautiful runs.

We opened and closed this park. Definitely a good day for us.



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