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Oceanside, CA - Adios

So our trip to California finally comes to a close. We spent one more day on the beach and 1 down in San Diego visiting the USS Midway Aircraft Carrier museum.

This beach was within walking distance to our condo, but we drove all of our beach gear down to this section of beach for the day. It has a play area so that is super neat.

Someone is up to no good.

Another mud fight in the making.

Trying to weigh down the bucket so that the water wouldn't carry it away.

Time to chase the birds. Pretty sure Frik and Frak would have been grateful it wasn't them.

USS Midway was very neat, but not very interesting for a 4 year old. So after a fairly quick walk through I took Logan out for lunch so that Kyle could do the full tour.

Poor people have to iron clothes. I don't even do that.

The restaurant we went to is just to the right of the statue.

These birds were being used as photo props. They were beautiful.

Last sunset from the condo complex. I can't wait to go back.



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