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See you later May

We are so far removed from May that I don't recall many stories to share. Such a sad thing, but at least I have photos to help remind me of our outings.

Kyle, Logan and I went to a zoo concert. As per usual, we walked the zoo and missed the concert. It is a wonderful time to see the animals though.

Logan loves to run around these pillars. Pretty sure that happens every time we are at the zoo.

The tigers seemed to love the cooler weather.

If there is a ramp somewhere, you can be sure that Logan will run up and down it, over and over again.

The zoo's adorable rhino family.

Yes, another Jasmine photo.

These birds were trying to get even cooler.

I don't recall what we had done that made Logan so tired, but he never made it upstairs for a nap. It was an adorable reminder of when he was a little baby and could be found sleeping in our arms all the time.

We went up to see Grandma & Grandpa Neel and Uncle Lee. We also spent some time with the baby bunnies living under the porch.

Finn got new digs. Sadly, I didn't realize that the drift wood I bought would be too much drift wood for this size tank. It produced acid that made Finn sick. Took me a long time to figure out what was going on, but I think he is finally happy in his new home, sans drift wood.

Starting his bubble nests, showing he is one happy fish.
 May was hot, so we headed up the mountain again for some cool air.

Trade you Grandpa.

Uncle Lee enjoying the morning sun.
May notes:

As I mentioned earlier, Logan started school in April. While he seemed to enjoy himself, he would always cry the moment he saw me arriving to pick him up. It was the weirdest thing.  I assume he was getting upset as it was close to nap time. One day, early May, Kyle and I both went to pick him up. He saw Kyle first and said "Hi Dad!" When he saw me, he proceeded to cry. The teachers couldn't believe it. The next day of school, the teachers talked to him all day about being happy and what to say at the end of the day.  When I arrived he was happy to see me and no tears were shed. He said "Mommy, mommy there's my mommy!" It has been that way ever since.

He was rolling hoops down his slide and said "If it doesn't work I'll be upset."

Logan was eating at the table and I was dancing in the kitchen and he said "Go for it mom!"


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