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Birthday Adventure

Another great photo by Keith.

On the 29th, my birthday, we headed to the North Shore for shopping, eating and some time on the beach. Our first stop was Manchester by the Sea. This town had a cute harbor and a fun consignment shop where we found some treasures.
My coat was my birthday gift from Mom and Keith, picked up at the consignment shop.

 Next we headed to Gloucester and had lobster in the same restaurant that Kyle and I visited our first trip here. Sadly, Kyle couldn't join us this day.
We walked the downtown shopping district of Gloucester where Keith and Mom bought me a AGFA PD16 Readyset 1930s camera for my new vintage camera collection! It was an awesome find in an antique store. I actually found a picture on the Gloucester newspaper showing the exact camera we bought: http://goodmorninggloucester.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/agfa-pd16-readyset-camera-find-at-david-cox-main-street-art-and-antiques/ I kid you not, this is the one I have, down to all of the gray spots on the silver part of the lens area. We actually got the camera for less than the quoted price too!

After our shopping excitement we headed to a beach to listed to the water for a bit. As we were walking across the bridge, my mom was hoping the approaching wet dog would not shake next to her, and at the same time she could hear his owner saying "don't shake, don't shake". The dog heard all of the commands and behaved perfectly during the crossing.

Kyle and I drove by this beach in the summer, but opted not to stop as it was overrun with people. Apparently fall is the perfect time to sit on the beach. While we were sitting we a visit from a very cute labradoodle.

Our final destination was Rockport, which has a ton of galleries and little stores. We arrived right when a bunch of places were closing down for the night, but we still managed to find a few treasures.
This Rockport photo is a popular one to take. Of course, Keith and I both had to take our own versions.
We headed back to the house where I finished up frosting Beatty's cake that I really wanted to make for my birthday. Luckily, my Dad gave me a rotating cake stand for my birthday to help with the process! Thanks Dad.


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