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Sturbridge Village

On the way back to MA from NJ, we stopped in Sturbridge Village, which is a Living Museum. Historians are dressed up in period costumes, portraying villagers from the period 1790-1840.

The village has a halloween festival, and you can see they had their pumpkins ready.

The Meeting House
School room
In the School House we chatted with the Historian, who told us that the benches we were sitting on were original. The students of the time would come to school based on districts, not age. So a school would likely have students from age 3 to 18 at one time. School was taught for three months in the winter and three months in the summer. Often the summer session would see fewer students, as many would have to be working on the farm. All families were responsible for purchasing school supplies. Of course, not all families could afford to buy all the books needed and would therefore choose what they wanted their children to study.
My first covered bridge.
We also visited the pottery house and had a gentleman tell us ghost stories. It was a fun afternoon. If anyone gets a chance, visit Sturbridge Village: http://www.osv.org/



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