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Great Pumpkin Hunt

On the 18th, Kyle and I headed out on a pumpkin picking adventure. We drove to 3 various pumpkin farms, within the central part of MA.

The first farm had a hay maze for little kids, farm animals, an apple orchard, and of course pumpkins. We picked up a bag of Macoun apples here. If you have yet to try these apples, you should run out and get some. I'll post the apple and pear crisp under my Top Recipes section of the blog.
The second farm had the best pumpkins.

They also had something I had never seen before: greenish-blue pumpkins. I just had to have one.

The final farm was my favorite. Probably had to do with the fact that they had farm animals, what seemed to be wild rabbits and a trail to a local beaver dam. Of course, I also loved that they were installing solar panels on the event center.
This little guy ran right for me, as I was nearing his trough.
It is a real pumpkin!
No beavers, but what a view.
The rabbits on the farm were just out and about. Some were more comfortable with humans than others. This one had no issues with us being right there, taking photos.


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