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North Shore again?

On November 2nd, after I voted, we wandered around Lexington and Concord. Our afternoon consisted of shopping followed by lunch. Those two activities seem to be our favorite things to do. Sadly, Kyle had to work. He wouldn't have liked the shopping, so it worked out ok.

One great purchase was another gift from Mom and Keith to me. It was the Kodak Brownie Target Six-20 vintage camera for my collection. After we bought the first vintage camera in Gloucester, Keith was telling me about his first camera, a Kodak Target six-20. We were so excited when we found one in an antique store in Concord.

November 3rd was our final day together (again w/o Kyle). We drove back to the North Shore. This time we visited Ipswich, Crane Beach and Newburyport. As you can see, Keith was enjoying the fall weather. Sadly, I missed the photo op of him about to dump a ton of leaves on my mom from behind.
Ipswich had a few shops, but wasn't exactly what we were looking for, so we headed to Crane Beach. Now this is a great beach! We collected shells and drift wood, watched horses meander down the beach, and just enjoyed the peace of an empty beach.
The final town, Newburyport, was adorable. There were shops galore to satisfy us. We also managed to find a wonderful pub by the water, where I had another wonderful pumpkin martini.
It was a wonderful week of bouncing from town to town with Mom and Keith. I'm so glad they were able to visit during the fall.


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