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December - Can you believe it?

I don't recall a time when I actually posted a blog about a given month during that same month. I may fall out of my chair. It seems even crazier that the post is for the month of December. I am sure I should be cleaning, baking, crafting or something, but here I am typing.

Here are some photos from the first week of December. Since I won't be able to get cards out prior to Christmas, I hope this post will suffice. Happy Holidays!

This year we have a few new holiday traditions that I hope will continue into the future. First, we are reading a different Christmas book every day. We owned many, bought a few, and I got the rest from the library. Every day Logan gets to unwrap a new one to read. We have found some true treasures and discovered some for future years. There have also been a few duds. I will post about all of them after the holidays are over in case there are any mom readers who would benefit from a long list of Christmas books. A tip for next year. Get your books around Thanksgiving. They go quickly at the library.

Here is Logan opening his first book. I loved this book, but it may have been a little too much for Logan.

As for the 2nd tradition:  I made a felt tree for Logan to hang ornaments on. Each day we make a new ornament, mostly from craft kits that contain the ornament and stickers to go on it. Some days he is super excited to do his ornament and some days he isn't. Overall I think he likes the tree.

Here it is on our stair baby/cat gate.

On the 2nd of December, we went to Explora. I am actually quite surprised that I only took a few photos, but apparently I wasn't in a photo taking mood. Here are some shots of Logan enjoying this ball drop area for the first time.

How many balls can I play with at once?

That's right. I have a marble and a golf ball.

2nd book of the month was a new favorite: "Pete the Cat Saves Christmas."

Frik is almost always found here in the evenings.
Logan opened his 4th book with Grandma. Now you know that I did not take a daily book-opening picture.

To be honest, I don't recall if this was the first snow of the season, but it is the first that we played in. Well, Logan and Kyle played in it. I, as always, took photos and then quickly went back inside to be warm. As a child I spent endless hours out in the snow, but these days I prefer the warmth of indoors with coffee or cocoa in my hand.

Check out those cool clouds.

The snow was not good for making a snowman, but it made a fine mound.



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