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We went to Alamogordo for Thanksgiving to see Kyle's side of the family. His two sisters and brother were all going to be there.

To start our trip, Kyle's brother Wynn and his family stopped by our house on their way from Nebraska down to Alamogordo. They waited patiently while I finished packing, and then we all headed down south together. We stopped at Buckhorn in San Antonio for green chile burgers. I didn't think the burgers were that great, but the owner did beat Bobby Flay in a throw down on Food Network.
Sunset on the way down.
When we are with the Wiens clan, two things typically happen: we play lots of games/cards and we all do active things together. This visit was no exception. Let the games begin.
Logan's Aunt Deneen, Uncle Wynn, Aunt Crystal and cousin Justin.

Cousin Chris and Cousin Trey
Let the physical activities begin. Here we went to a gym, late in the evening to play some basketball and run around.
Logan is organizing everyone.

Look at that kick!

Will someone please get open so I can throw the ball in?

Now for a game where you throw balls at targets along the opposing team's baseline. You can't pass the mid-point of the court. The goal is to move all bowls off the baseline first.  It's similar to dodge ball, but you are not throwing the balls at people. I think that was a smart move for this group. We have some seriously competitive people and lots of little ones.

Let the chaos begin. All that you see, minus one, are part of the Wiens clan.
I took Logan back to the house around 9 that night. He had such a great time, but was not happy to leave early.
Hanging out with cousin Trey.

Grandma Betty reading "One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims"
I loved this Thanksgiving book we got at the library. Logan loved it too since I sang it every time.
Day 2: More games.
Uncle Travis, Aunt Sharolyn, Uncle Wynn, Aunt Crystal

Uncle Travis, Aunt Sharolyn and Cousin Trey

Cousin Trey, 2nd Cousin Reece and 2nd Cousin Logan.

Here we all are. Too bad I couldn't come up with a better location for the photo. Oh well, a little squinting didn't kill us.

Uncle Wynn, Aunt Crystal, Cousin Justin and Cousin Adam.

He does smile, just not often in photos. So glad I captured one.
 Now that photos are over, let's play some more basketball.


You go Grandpa "Doody", as Logan calls you.

First scooter ride.

Logan said "Look at me now!"

We took a walk around the neighborhood, and Logan kept going up to the front doors. He didn't knock or anything. Just wanted to check them out. Perhaps he is practicing for Halloween.

Reece enjoying some quiet lego time.
 Bring out the iPad while everyone else plays games.

Look at those two Logans having a great time together.

The car ride home was not a pleasant one. Logan was downright angry to be in the car. We did manage to stop in Socorro for lunch at El Sombrero. Then we were home for a nice, quiet weekend to finish off the holiday. Kyle and Logan played in the back yard feeding the birds and exploring Logan's tent.

I got to share one of my favorite Christmas movies, "White Christmas", with Logan. He loved the dancing and singing.

We also managed to get our Christmas tree and put it up. The lights made it to the tree that weekend, but it took another week for the ornaments.



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