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Oh November, where did you go?

Seems like November flew by. I'll do two posts because I took a ton of photos at Thanksgiving.

This first photo is of Logan enjoying some Curious George with his trusty dog and blue blanket that Ms. Hamlin made for him.

Here we are out walking in Bear Canyon Arroyo right behind our house. You have to love NM weather in November. Kyle is still walking around in shorts. Do you like Kyle's shirt?

An offering of dirt to mom the photographer.

How long do I have to sit here?

On this day we took a short hike in the foothills with some new friends. This is Atlas, Logan's new buddy.

I took Logan to story time at the library. He loved it, but he didn't really sit and listen. Rather he pushed a chair down the aisles and ran around. At one point another little girl decided to push a chair around too.  He went up to her and said "you're doing a good job." That's my little motivator.

Getting ready for our trip down to Alamogordo. He has his turkey hat on that I made for him. It took weeks before he was willing to put it on his head.

A few items to share:

1. On 11/5 I was showing him how to load up a tortilla chip with some taco stuff and he said "I get the idea."

2. On 11/7 Logan referred to a blue car as "azul". We were pretty excited until he referred to a green car as azul as well. Azul is blue in Spanish. It's a start at least.

3. He definitely started using "nope" a lot in November.

4. He also started saying "He's so cute." to his stuffed toys, the cats, pretty much anything.

5. He no longer runs around quite as much as he used to, but when he does he says "Ready, set, go" or "On your mark, get set, go".  He also likes to say "You run, daddy."

6. Logan has started to point out imaginary animals to us. At one point he told grandma there was a bunny hopping around our back yard. When we drive around he is often telling me that he sees Jumpy Squirrel, a character on Curious George.

7. He has an airplane basket, for lack of a better term, that he likes to load all his cars into for a plane ride. Grandpa Neel was the first to introduce this form of play.

8. 11/19 Logan said: "It's nice to see you daddy."

9. 11/25 I said "Okay" and clapped my hands. Logan proceeded to say "Let's get to work." Apparently I say that often.

10. One special morning we were having pancakes. Logan identified a pancake as medium after I said it wasn't large.

11. Logan: "Do you want cheese daddy?"
Dad: "No."
Logan: "Are you feeling sick?"
Dad: "No."
Logan: "Are you feeling better?"
Dad: "Yes. I'm feeling just fine."
Logan: "Would you like some juice?"

12. We had a few other events in early November that we sadly didn't take any photos of.
-We held our second potluck with friends. Seems like a major accomplishment these days.
-We also got to see Kyle's sisters for a brief, but wonderful visit.
-We went to our second play date at Logan's friend Elliott's house. We have met a great group of parents (mostly moms) and kids all around Logan's age. It has been great to get out and about. I think I needed it more than I realized.


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